Code of Conduct

InConJunction Code of Conduct

A man dressed as Spock and a man dressed as Cobra Commander square off

InConJunction is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free convention experience for everyone. Harassment and racist behaviors will not be tolerated. If you are found to be in violation of this code of conduct, you will be ejected from the convention.

The following policies apply to all participants of InConJunction – including attendees, guests, exhibitors, volunteers, and staff.


Harassment includes -but is not limited to – deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwanted attention – (including photography or recording), inappropriate physical contact, sharing of inappropriate images in public spaces, sustained disruption of talks or other events, unwelcome attention, and offensive verbal comments related to but not limited to religion, race, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, politics, nation of origin, disability, appearance, marital status, gender identity and expression.


  1. All participants – virtual or in person – must be identifiable to staff and fellow attendees at all times. In-person participants must wear their name badge at all times. Virtual participants must use the same username in virtual convention spaces (including, but not limited to Zoom and Discord) that was used on the registration. Misrepresenting your identity and/or impersonating other individuals (i.e. sharing a login) is prohibited.
  2. All participants – virtual or in person – are required to behave respectfully toward one another in all live and virtual convention areas. This includes, but is not limited to, addressing people by their provided names and pronouns, respecting any boundaries communicated to you.
  3. All participants – virtual or in person – are forbidden from engaging in deliberately harmful behavior – including but not limited to threats, intimidation, stalking, bullying, or any act done with ill intent. Participants are expected to work to avoid unintentionally harmful behaviors – including but not limited to comments or patterns of behavior that are biased against specific attendees or specific identities, sustained unwelcome attention, and microaggressions. Violations of these will be met with consequences depending on the severity of the incident.
  4. All participants – virtual or in person – must be conscientious of others when participating in shared spaces, and should avoid behaviors including but not limited to dominating conversations, and intentionally disrupting convention programming and/or social activities.
  5. Virtual participants will refrain from recording, taking screen shots, or otherwise reproducing the likeness or remarks of other participants without their permission.
  6. In person participants will follow posted safety and hygiene guidelines – including but not limited to maintaining social distance between themselves and others, or wearing a face mask (made from CDC approved materials) over both the mouth and nose.

Reporting Harassment

If you have experienced or witnessed inappropriate behavior by an attendee, guest, or member of the staff, please report it to Operations or to the nearest staff member. (Staff members will be identified by special badges in person, or labeled as such in virtual spaces). Someone will help you to complete an incident report.